Be the driving force for your business to successfully adapt to the digital revolution. Learn how to elevate your operations to the next level with Grid’s cutting-edge automation capabilities. Put on your thinking hats, as we guide you through a tour specifically designed to help you master the Grid app. In less than a week’s time, you can go from the first step of logging in, to setting up your own applications and creating complex customisable dashboards.

This program will help you in attracting prospects, and on-boarding internal and external stakeholders. The Academy would explain the meaning behind every function on Grid through relevant use cases, and strengthen your understanding thus allowing you to create complex workspaces seamlessly.


The driving force behind Grid Academy has been our aim to consistently support and reward our customers through every aspect of Grid. With Grid Academy, you not only learn the ins and outs of our app, but also enhance your capabilities with some eye-catching benefits.

Grid Certification

Rated as a high performing product in the No-code and Operations Management space, a Grid certification would ensure users have ability to turn around their business challenges into profitable avenues.

Knowledge Assessments

Smartly crafted knowledge assessments that will establish a strong understanding of Grid, to create worksheets, add team members, etc only through the foundational course.

Visual Guides

We have created the Grid Academy as a seamless visual learning experience for our users, which would ensure there’s no information lost in translation from the tutorials to the actual application.